Electrical Steel For Motor Core Lamination

Silicon steel (electrical steel) refers to a very low-carbon ferrosilicon alloy with a silicon content of 0.5% to 6.5%. Electrical steel laminations are constituent parts of every electric motor.

We offer electrical steel with a thickness of between 0.1 and 1 mm to produce rotor and stator laminations and assembled stator and rotor stacks for motors, generators, and transformers.

Custom Silicon Steel For Lamination Stacks

We offer custom silicon steel for lamination stacks a specialized material renowned for its magnetic properties and low core loss. It exhibits superior magnetic permeability and electrical resistance. We offer grain-oriented and non-oriented steels to manufacture electric motor lamination cores to meet the specific needs of different customers.

stator and rotor stacks of compound stamping

Stator Laminations

Electrical steel can manufacture various stator laminations, such as outer stator, inner stator, skewed stator, spotless stator, and helical stator. These laminations apply to EV motors, industrial motors, renewable energy generators, aerospace drone motors, and robotic motors.

squirrel cage rotor die casting

Rotor Laminations

The outer rotor lamination and squirrel cage rotor cores are notable in electric motors for household appliances, automotive, industrial fans, blowers, and cooling systems.

segmented servo motor lamination

Segmented Stator Laminations

The segmented electrical steel lamination is ideal to hybrid and electric vehicles, industrial drives and automation, wind turbine and solar power or hydroelectric generators, aerospace, and marine industry.

axial flux punching motor stator core

Axial Flux Stator Laminations

The punched and winded axial flux stator applies for electric cars, motorcycles, electric bikes; aircraft, and drones; wind turbines, hydro generators, and tidal energy systems; industrial pumps, fans, and compressors; drills and electric saws.

self bonding drone motor laminatioins

Bonding Laminations

The bonding silicon steel laminations are suitable for BLDC motors, linear motors, direct driven motors, EI transformer cores, power tools(drills and saws), new energy vehicles, automotive in-wheel, industrial motors, drone motors, and wind generators.

injection molding stator lamination

Plastic Overmolding Stator Cores

The over-molding stator cores are used in outdoor power tools(lawnmowers or garden equipment), automotive windshield wiper motors, irrigation, deep well pump motors, boat propulsion systems, or marine pumps.

BLDC motor lamination epoxy power coating for UAVs

Insulated Coating Laminations

The epoxy power insulated coating lamination core is suitable for submersible pumps, drive fans, blowers, power generation systems, power distribution systems, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, electric vehicles, power tools, and electric appliances.

BLDC motor stator winding

Winding Stator Laminations

The winding silicon steel lamination core is suitable for AC motors, DC motors, generators, transformers, household appliances, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, electric vehicles, robotics, and renewable energy systems.

rotor laminations rotary notching

Armature Laminations

Our armature laminations are crucial components in electric motors and generators, serving to enhance magnetic flux distribution and minimize eddy currents, thereby improving efficiency and performance in various industrial and automotive applications.

hydro generator lamination

Generator Laminations

Our silicon steel laminations are used in oil & gas areas. The generator laminations are used in renewable energy such as wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass power generation.

bonding transformer core lamination

Transformer Laminations

The UI, and EI laminations are a good choice for large transformer cores. Transformer core laminations typically are made of thin silicon steel due to their favorable magnetic properties.

vent plates laminations

Vent Laminations

These vent plate assemblies serve the purpose of facilitating the cooling of the motor and dissipating the heat generated during the motor’s operation.

Lamination Core Materials - Electrical Steel

Lamnow has diverse electrical steel materials, including silicon steel, from various brands, catering to your specific requirements for optimal performance in electrical applications.

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35SW270/35SWH1900/35SWYS5000 ;

Motor Lamination Steel Properties

High magnetic permeabilitySilicon steel exhibits excellent ability to conduct magnetic flux, enhancing efficiency in electrical applications.
Low core lossDue to its specialized composition and grain orientation, silicon steel minimizes energy loss, making it ideal for transformers and motors.
Electrical resistanceSilicon steel's resistance to electrical current flow helps reduce eddy currents, improving overall efficiency.
High saturation magnetizationThis property allows silicon steel to maintain its magnetic properties even under high magnetic fields.
DuctilitySilicon steel can be easily fabricated into laminations for various electrical components, ensuring flexibility in design and manufacturing processes.

Our Technology For Processing Electrical Steel

Punching And Cutting

Our technology for processing electrical steel involves advanced techniques tailored for large batch orders with rapid stamping. The stamping process includes progressive stamping, compound stamping, rotary notching, and axial punching. Additionally, for projects requiring test samples and smaller batch production, we utilize single-notching technology, wire cutting, and laser cutting to optimize efficiency and precision.

Bonding And Stacking

We offer glue bonding, self-bonding, laser welding, tig welding, mig welding, riveting, interlocking, cleating, blots, and shaft inserting to bonded and stacked single laminations form the cores.

lamination compound stamping process
laser cut lamination stacks
glue bonding laminations
high voltage motor lamination stacking

Quality Control For Lamination Steel

bonding electrical steel

Transformer Steel FAQS

Silicon steel, also known as electrical steel or transformer steel, is a specialized alloy primarily composed of iron and silicon. It is designed to exhibit specific magnetic properties suitable for electrical applications.

There are two main types: grain-oriented silicon steel, which is optimized for directional magnetic properties, and non-oriented silicon steel, which has isotropic magnetic properties.

Transformer steel is produced through a process of hot rolling and annealing, followed by cold rolling and final annealing to achieve the desired magnetic properties and grain orientation.

Lamination steel is used in various electrical devices, including transformers, electric motors, generators, and magnetic cores in electrical appliances.

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