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With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in the manufacturing of precision metal stamping component parts and motor laminations. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled workforce enable us to deliver precision-engineered solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Precision And Innovation

Whether you require intricate metal components or customized motor laminations, we offer reliable and efficient manufacturing services.

Our Precision Metal Stamping Services Industry

Precision stamping is a highly versatile metal forming process used to create highly accurate parts and components within tight tolerances. Embracing versatility, we cater to custom metal stamping such as automotive(new energy vehicles), power tools, aerospace, military, medical, and power generation.

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Precision Metal Stamping Capabilities

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Our precision metal stampings boast versatile capabilities, categorized into three key types tailored to diverse production needs:

Ideal for extended runs and intricate processes, this method employs automated feeding systems. High-volume progressive die stamping, which may involve stacking dies, excels in efficiency.

The compound die stamping combines multiple operations into a single die, streamlining the production process for certain applications.

Suited for smaller batches, short-run stamping is perfect for prototypes and marketing batches. Often utilizing notching dies, allows for the efficient production of limited quantities without compromising precision.

Precision Metal Stamping Materials

Precision metal stamping offers versatility in material selection, accommodating various steels, metals, and alloys, including:

Advantages of Precision Stamping

Precision stamping offers numerous advantages, making it a preferred manufacturing method in various industries. Some key benefits include:

High Speed Production

Integration of automation enhances production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and ensures consistent quality in production.


Mass production capabilities reduce per-unit costs. Minimized material waste due to efficient utilization, contributing to cost savings.


Achieve high precision and consistency in the production of complex and intricate parts, allowing for the production of parts with tight tolerances.


Suitable for both low volume and high volume production, providing scalability to meet varying demand levels.

Quick Prototyping

Rapid prototyping capabilities allow for the timely development and testing of new designs, facilitating innovation.

Versatility in Materials

Compatible with a wide range of materials, including metals and alloys, providing flexibility to meet diverse applications.

Quality Control For Metal Stamping

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Trusted Precision Metal Stamping Manufacturer

Choose Lamnow as your precision metal stamping manufacturer in China for unparalleled expertise in crafting motor laminations. Our advanced capabilities, spanning over 15 years, ensure customized stator and rotor lamination solutions with an extensive die catalog. From stamping to tooling, grinding, casting, winding, and assembly, we’re your one-stop shop, upholding rigorous quality standards.

Build Your Stamping Knowledge

You’ll find the stamping electric motor lamination stacks and metal component parts resources with confidence on the Lamnow Blog.

Precision Stamping FAQS

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that uses specialized dies to transform sheet metal into precise and intricate shapes. It is commonly employed for mass production of components used in various industries, ensuring high accuracy and consistency.

Precision stamping distinguishes itself by its ability to produce high-volume, intricate parts with tight tolerances efficiently. It is often more cost-effective for large-scale production compared to processes like CNC machining, offering a balance of speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency.

Yes, precision metal stamping is highly customizable. With the use of specialized dies, we can create intricate and unique designs tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Customization options include part geometry, dimensions, and material choices.

Post-stamping processes may include deburring, coating, plating, and assembly. These additional steps enhance the functionality, appearance, and durability of the stamped components based on the specific requirements of the end product.

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