Motor Lamination Stamping Die

As a leading motor lamination manufacturer in China. Elevate your production efficiency with our cutting-edge motor lamination stamping die services, ensuring precision and reliability.

progressive stamping services

stamping die services

Precision And Innovation

Tailored for household appliances, automobiles, power tools, and industrial applications, our dies elevate manufacturing efficiency across diverse sectors.

Custom Lamination Stacks Stamping Toolings

Specializing in tailored solutions, we provide exclusive molds according to clients’ requirements. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced design software and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to craft precision toolings that meet diverse industry demands. Which greatly reduces material costs for clients while ensuring quality.

progressive die

Progressive Dies

The progressive die is used in the driven motor, home appliance motor, shade pole motor, permanent magnet motor, automobile motor, power tools motor, generator, and industrial motor.

compound die

Compound Toolings

The compound die is used in large-scale pole pieces, large fan-shaped laminations, large E-type laminations, large electric motor and generator laminations, etc.

rotary notching die

Rotary Notching Dies

The notching dies apply to medium and large motor core lamination manufacturing, such as stator lamination, rotor lamination, skewed slot laminations, and multi-solt laminations.

die cast molds

Die Casting Molds

The die-casting mold applications include aluminum or copper rotors, automotive parts(engine, transmission, brackets, and housings), power tools, UAV parts, and industrial machinery parts.

High Precision Die Manufacturing Capabilities

The toolings, a pivotal element in the stamping process, dictate rotor and stator lamination quality and burr control. Employing top-tier raw materials and precision-cutting machines is integral to ensuring the highest quality in manufacturing, achieving tight tolerances and optimal efficiency.

electrical steel laminations prototyping

From concept to completion, our comprehensive approach guarantees innovative solutions and delivers top-notch stamping dies that excel in performance, durability, and precision.

Tool designers create blueprints for the stamping tools with CAD/CAM stations and 3D software. This involves designing the punch, die, and other components necessary for the stamping process.

CNC machines, wire EDM, and grinders are often used to precision-machine the components of stamping tools and die. This includes the punch and die block. Using high-precision equipment to achieve tolerances as tight .0002” (.005 mm) for dies.

The machined components undergo heat treatment processes to achieve the desired hardness and toughness. Common heat treatment methods include quenching and tempering.

Assembled components are meticulously fitted together to ensure proper alignment and functionality of the stamping tool.

Quality Control For Stamping Tools

quality control for stamping tools

Materials Used In Punching Moulds

As motor lamination stamping dies require a certain level of hardness, toughness, and durability, their construction materials typically demonstrate exceptional longevity between sharpening and exhibit properties that facilitate the formation of complex designs.

Commonly used materials include tool steels like D2, A2, and O1 for their hardness and wear resistance. High-speed steels such as M2 and M4 are chosen for elevated-temperature applications. Carbide is utilized for complex and progressive die designs due to its exceptional hardness.

in-house die services

In-House Die Maintenance and Upkeep Services

Lamnow’s dedicated die service department meticulously maintains and repairs all die, keeping comprehensive records of every repair and grinding operation.

Daily die sheets meticulously track setups and die strokes, providing essential data for assessing tool condition and estimating remaining life. There’s no charge for service or repair during a die’s normal tool life.

Stamped Moulds Related Services

Motor Stamping

Motor lamination stamping includes progressive stamping, compound stamping, and rotary notching employs specialized dies to cut and shape silicon steel(electrical steel).

Wire EDM Cut

EDM Wire Cutting employs a thin wire to precisely shape and cut dies with intricate details. This precise manufacturing process ensures high-quality dies.

Laser Cutting

This process utilizes high-powered lasers to cut intricate shapes in the rotor and stator, reducing die costs and enhancing lamination manufacturing efficiency.

Experienced Tool Makers In China

Choose us as your stamping die manufacturer for unparalleled expertise and commitment to quality. With decades of experience, our skilled team excels in crafting precision dies tailored to your specific needs.

We prioritize customization, ensuring that our clients receive top-notch, purpose-built stamping dies. Our dedication to excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry.

Build your Stamping toolings knowledge

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Lamination Stamping Dies FAQS

Stamping dies are widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and appliance industries, among others, for producing components such as motor stator and rotor laminations, brackets, connectors, and housing parts.

Regular maintenance, proper lubrication, and monitoring production parameters can help extend the life of a stamping die. Avoiding excessive loads and ensuring proper alignment are also crucial.

Progressive dies process the material through a series of stations in a straight line, while transfer dies move the material from one station to another, often via mechanical arms or conveyors.

While stamping dies are primarily used for mass production, they can be adapted for prototyping with adjustments. However, alternative methods like CNC machining or 3D printing are often preferred for prototyping.

The selection depends on factors like material type, part complexity, and production volume. Consulting with us can help determine the best-suited die for your specific requirements.

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