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We deliver top-notch custom metal die-casting solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled craftsmen ensure the production of high-quality die cast alloys components, tailored to your specifications.

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Precision And Innovation

Whether you are in search of superior aluminum, zinc, magnesium or other alloy die casting, our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and quality sets us apart.

Custom Aluminum Alloys Die Casting Services

Lamnow specializes in crafting a wide variety of components using a diverse range of alloys, including aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. Tailored to your unique specifications, our die-cast products find applications across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics.

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Metal Die Casting Manufacturing Capability

Metal die casting is a high-precision manufacturing technique, utilizing molten metal injected into molds to create intricate and durable components. Our die casting process is outstanding for its ability to deliver/produce leaves behind a high level of consistency, plan exactness, and excellent surface finishes.

Material Used In Die Casting

Metal die casting normally utilizes a large number of materials, each offering unique physical and mechanical properties to enable itself in almost every conceivable application. Our commonly used materials include:

Quality Control For Die Casting Alloy Parts

We implement a comprehensive quality control system that helps guarantee that die-casting alloy parts meet the highest industry standards, function as intended, and have consistent quality throughout production.

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Your Premier Die Casting Alloys Manufacturer

Select us as your trusted aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting alloy manufacturer based in China for more than 15 years of expertise, cutting-edge CNC machining technology, and cost-effective solutions. We prioritize quality, timely delivery, and eco-friendly practices, ensuring your precision components meet international standards.

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Die Casting FAQS

Common die casting processes include High-Pressure Die Casting (HPDC), Low-Pressure Die Casting (LPDC), Vacuum Die Casting, Hot Chamber Die Casting, Cold Chamber Die Casting Process, Thixomolding, Squeeze Casting, and Centrifugal Casting. These versatile methods cater to diverse alloy properties and contribute to efficient, precision component manufacturing.

Aluminum die-casting alloys exhibit exceptional characteristics, making them a preferred choice. They operate effectively in high temperatures, boast exceptional corrosion resistance, and are lightweight with high strength and hardness.

Featuring a fine strength-to-weight ratio, EMI/RFI shielding properties, good finishing characteristics, high electrical conductivity, full recyclability, and environmental friendliness, aluminum die-casting alloys stand out for diverse applications.

Defining the process cost of die casting alloys involves considering essential factors in overall production costs. The alloys cost is depended on weight.

For hot-chamber casting require smaller machines with rapid production rates are suitable, while cold-chamber machines are used for larger castings. 

Material costs, die maintenance, and replacement expenses vary, with zinc alloys having lower costs due to their non-corrosive nature. Aluminum alloys incur higher costs due to hardness and temperature properties. 

Precision magnesium, zinc, and ZA alloys can reduce or eliminate the need for additional surface finishing tasks. 

Ultra-small die casting often favors some aluminum and zinc alloys, benefiting from specialized, highly automated machines for cost-effective production.

The silicon content in aluminum die casting alloys, reaching up to 11.7%, is exemplified in commonly used alloys like AlSi12.

This inclusion offers advantages such as enhanced fluidity, reduced solidification shrinkage, improved pressure tightness, decreased hot shortness, increased modulus of elasticity, lower specific gravity, reduced thermal expansion, and improved corrosion resistance.

Elevating silicon content beyond 11.7% to around 16.5% enhances fluidity and abrasion resistance due to the presence of primary silicon in the alloy, positively impacting the die casting process parameters and overall castability.

Most common aluminum die casting alloys, including those used in die casting, do not typically undergo heat treatment. Low temperature aging treatments may be employed for stress relief or dimensional stability.

T2 or T5 tempering results in properties similar to a full T6 temper. While heat-treatable alloys like AA365 are available, die casting is generally not gas, arc welded, or brazed.

The impact strength and dent resistance of Die Casting alloys are crucial factors in determining the material’s durability and performance. These properties are especially important for components subjected to mechanical stress. Factors such as storage capacity, wall thickness, and alloy composition influence the overall structural of elastic energy of die-cast parts.

Die-casting alloys exhibit favorable bearing properties and wear resistance, making them suitable for applications requiring low friction and prolonged durability.

The alloys’ composition and microstructure contribute to their ability to withstand wear and provide reliable performance applied to various industrial and automotive components.

Die-casting alloys generally exhibit good machinability, with some variations. Aluminum alloys offer excellent machinability, while zinc alloys and magnesium alloys show moderate machinability, providing versatility for different applications.

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