Quality Control For Motor Laminations

As a company obtains the ISO 9001:2008 certification, Lamnow is unwavering in its commitment to delivering motor lamination products of superior quality to our valued customers. Our dedication to quality is manifested through stringent quality control procedures meticulously integrated into each stage of the motor stator and rotor lamination production process.

Stator Rotor Lamination Quality Control Process

In the realm of electric motor iron core manufacturing, where precision plays a pivotal role in dictating product performance, the stamping industry particularly demands an exceptional degree of accuracy, often at the micron level. To achieve high-precision motor core laminations, our strict quality control runs through every stage of production.

Raw Material Traceability

Every raw material unit is assigned a unique trace number, and meticulous matching ensures each product box corresponds to the specific trace number of its source material. This stringent system guarantees transparency and accountability throughout the production process.

Production Process Quality Control

Our technicians employ an image-measuring instrument to ensure laminations meet size specifications as per drawings. Additionally, random inspections of stator and rotor laminations cover appearance, slot, and size. Detailed results are included in the product inspection report.

Packaging and Documentation

In the final stages, meticulously package stator and rotor laminations to prevent damage during transportation and storage. Comprehensive documentation of test processes and results is maintained for traceability, ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Motor Lamination Stacks Quality Test Tools

lamination CMM Inspection

CMM Inspection

lamination projector detector

Projector Detector

lamination x-ray inspection

X-Ray Inspection

lamination digital height gauge

Digital Height Gauge

lamination rockwell vickers hardness tester

Rockwell, Vickers Hardness Tester

lamination salt spray test machine

Salt Spray Test Machine

Precision Quality Control for Your Laminations!

Unlock unparalleled motor efficiency and reliability by embracing rigorous quality control for your motor laminations. Our advanced processes ensure precision in material selection, cutting, assembly, and testing.