Transportation Motor Lamination In China

At the heart of the cutting-edge railway transportation industry lie intricately designed motor laminations for rail transportation, crucial components that optimize the performance of electric motors propelling trains across vast networks.

As a leading manufacturer based in China, we specialize in the design and production of high-quality motor, generator, and transformer laminations that play a pivotal role in advancing rail transportation technology.

Customized Electric Motor Laminations For Rail Transportation

Engineered to exact specifications, our rotor and stator laminations enhance electric motor efficiency and performance. Optimizing energy consumption, they contribute to sustainable, high-performance transportation solutions. Whether AC, induction, synchronous, permanent magnet, BLDC, Linear, or axial flux motors, we can meet the specific needs of domestic and foreign users for motor laminations. In addition, we focus on improving the quality of after-sales service, participating in market competition, and rapid, efficient after-sales service work.

linear motor laminations for rail

Rail Motor Lamiantions

Our linear motor laminations and self-bonding stator and rotor laminations are meticulously engineered for optimal performance in electric motors, enhancing the efficiency, safety, and reliability of trains running.

automotive motor laminations

Automotive Motor Laminations

We provide electric steel laminations for automotive applications, such as engine cooling, electric power steering(ASM & PMS), seat wiper, starter, HVAC, traction engine, window lift, sunroof, electric turbo, braking systems, pump, and ABS.

adhesive lamination for new energy vehicle hub motor

Electric Vehicles Motor Laminations

Our Backlack bonding laminations, segmented stator laminations, axial flux motor stator cores, and amorphous motor laminations enhance new energy vehicle-driven motor and hub motor performance and efficiency.

HEV motor laminations

Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Motor Laminations

Customized for HEV applications, our laminations contribute to efficient power distribution, enhanced fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Elevate your hybrid driving experience with precision-engineered laminations.

bonded core laminations for drone

Aerospace Motor Laminations

Lamnow designs and manufactures AC and DC motor laminations used in a variety of drone or airplane applications throughout the aerospace industry. Elevate aerospace propulsion with our specialized laminations.

motorcycle motor laminations

Motorcycle Motor Laminations

Elevate your motorcycle’s power and efficiency with our motor laminations, meticulously crafted for AC9 to AC-34/AC-35 motors. Trusted by global manufacturers, our technology ensures peak performance and reliability on every ride.

heavy vehicle off-road motor laminations

Heavy Vehicle Off-Road Motor Laminations

Empower heavy off-road vehicles with our motor laminations. Trusted in forklifts, bulldozers, cranes, and crawler loaders, our laminations ensure robust performance, durability, and efficiency in demanding environments.

Design And Manufacture Capabilities In Electrical Steel Laminations For Rail Transportation

Material Sourcing Expertise

Lamnow specializes in sourcing and providing expertise wide variety of materials, including 0.1mm -1mm thickness Non-Grain Oriented (NGO), Grain Oriented (GO), Cold Rolled Motor Lamination (CRML) steel, and 25 micorn Amorphous Metal Alloys.

Advanced Stamping Capabilities

Our extensive capabilities in advanced stamping processes include progressive stamping, compound stamping, rotary notch stamping, and axial punching. Global reach and capacity to handle diverse production requirements, showcasing versatility in manufacturing.

Enhanced Motor Performance and Quality

We focus on providing precision lamination solutions aimed at improving motor performance and minimizing core loss, thereby enhancing overall motor efficiency. Commitment to helping clients achieve cost savings in the manufacturing process.

On-Time, In-Full Delivery

High-volume manufacturing facilities designed for quality and efficiency, ensuring the timely and complete delivery of client orders. Reliability in meeting production schedules and maintaining consistency in order fulfillment.

Offer Technical Support

Our dedicated design and engineering team is available to collaborate with clients throughout the entire product development process. Support provided from ideation to manufacturing, demonstrating a commitment to being a trusted partner in product design and development.

Other Superior Services

Lamnow offers a range of value-added services beyond basic lamination manufacturing, including annealing, bonding, welding, riveting, cleating, shaft-inserting, insulation coating, winding, die-casting, deburring, wire cutting, and laser cutting.

Stator And Rotor Laminations Production Process For Transportation Motor

Rail Transportation Motor Lamination Prototype

lamination bonding prototype

Our rail transportation electrical steel lamination prototype exemplifies cutting-edge innovation, utilizing advanced techniques such as laser cutting and wire cutting to achieve precision and efficiency.

The integration of these technologies enhances the quality and intricacy of the lamination process, ensuring optimal performance in rail applications.

With a commitment to excellence, our team boasts a lead time of 7-15 days for producing these laminations.

This swift turnaround time not only underscores our dedication to meeting industry demands promptly but also underscores our agility in adapting to evolving market needs.

Lamination Stamping For Transportation Motor

progressive stamping for motor lamination

We employ cutting-edge techniques such as progressive stamping, compound stamping, rotary notching, and axial flux stator punching to in-house manufactured high-precision and efficient transportation motor laminations.

Our progressive die-stamping process for motor laminations ensures precision and efficiency. We use a high-speed punching press to manufacture high-performance rotor and stator lamination stacks or segmented stator laminations. This step-by-step process achieves tight tolerances, proving cost-effective for high-volume production of transportation electric motor laminations.

Our automation compound stamping merges multiple processes into a single stroke, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in rail motor lamination production. This technique streamlines operations, reducing materials waste, time, and costs. It is an economical choice for medium and large laminations.

The rotary notching process for transportation motor laminations is a single-operation notching lamination. Utilizing advanced servo control systems, our rotary notching machine creates seamless notches, reducing material waste and boosting motor performance. This technology is an economical choice for low-volume production or prototyping.

New energy vehicles’ axial flux stator punching employs specialized stamping and rolling equipment, guided by a servo synchronous control system. This ensures precise groove stamping, consistent alignment, and diameter accuracy throughout, enhancing disc stator in electric vehicles’ performance.

The transportation motor lamination bonding process plays a pivotal role in electric motor manufacturing, encompassing various techniques like glue dot bonding and self-bonding.

In glue dot bonding, small adhesive dots are strategically applied to secure laminations, optimizing alignment and reducing material waste. This method enhances precision and allows for efficient automation.

On the other hand, self-bonding involves utilizing the coating bonding varnish of certain electrical steel materials, eliminating the need for additional adhesives. This process often involves heat or pressure to facilitate a secure bond.

Both glue dot bonding and self-bonding contribute to the structural integrity of the motor core, minimizing energy loss, and ensuring the reliability and performance of transportation motors in the rapidly evolving landscape of rail.

Lamination Bonding For Transportation Motor

full face bonding lamination

Rail Transportation Motor Lamination Stacking

welding motor stators

Rail transportation motor lamination stacking is a meticulous process crucial for crafting efficient and durable electric propulsion systems.
Precision techniques such as interlocking, welding (laser welding, TIG welding, MIG welding), riveting, and cleating are employed to assemble laminations, forming the motor core.

Interlocking ensures a secure fit, enhancing stability. Laser welding offers a high-precision fusion, minimizing heat-affected zones, while TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding provide strong metal bonds.

Riveting involves fastening laminations using mechanical joints, offering reliability. Cleating, and employing specialized fasteners, further reinforces the structure.

Stators, essential components that generate the magnetic fields within the motor, undergo precision injection molding. This method involves injecting molten material, often a thermosetting resin material, into a mold to form the stator’s intricate shape.

The injection molding process ensures consistency, accuracy, and high production efficiency. It allows for intricate designs, tight tolerances, and optimal material distribution, contributing to the stator’s overall performance.

This technique enhances the motor’s durability, insulation properties, and thermal efficiency, making it a critical step in advancing the reliability and efficiency of transportation motors.

Motor Stator Injection Molding For Transportation

stator injection molding insulation

Epoxy Powder Coating Insulation For Transportation Lamination Stacks

electrostatic epoxy coating insulations

Epoxy powder coating insulation is a vital aspect of enhancing the performance and longevity of transportation motor lamination stacks.

In this process, laminations, crucial components in electric vehicle motors, are coated with a layer of epoxy resin to provide insulation and protection.

This coating offers excellent dielectric properties, preventing electrical currents from flowing between laminations and reducing the risk of eddy current losses.

The epoxy powder coating also acts as a barrier against environmental factors like moisture and contaminants, safeguarding the motor against corrosion and insulation breakdown.

Stators, integral components in these systems, undergo meticulous coil winding to create the electromagnetic fields necessary for motor operation.

This process involves carefully winding insulated copper wire around the stator’s core in precise patterns. The coil winding determines the motor’s performance, efficiency, and power output.

Automated machines are often employed to ensure consistency and accuracy in winding, optimizing the electromagnetic properties of the stator.

In addition, we will provide manual winding according to customer requirements, skilled technicians can flexibly handle complex winding patterns and custom designs.

Rail Transportation Motor Stator Coil Winding

electric mobile motor stator coil winding

Quality Control For Rail Transportation Motor Lamination Stacks

quality control for laminations

Transportation Laminations FAQS

Rail motors are increasingly adopting self-adhesive cores due to their streamlined manufacturing process, reducing assembly time and costs. These cores offer efficient magnetic properties, enhancing motor performance, and providing a reliable and convenient solution for the evolving demands of modern rail transportation.

Yes, commonly used motor lamination materials include silicon steel due to its magnetic properties and ability to reduce energy loss, ensuring optimal performance in rail environments.

Regular inspections for wear and tear are recommended. However, with their durable design, motor laminations typically require minimal maintenance, contributing to the reliability of rail systems.

Yes, motor laminations are designed to be versatile and adaptable, making them compatible with a wide range of rail transportation systems, including electric trains and light rail vehicles.

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