Rotary Notching Motor Laminations

With a commitment to delivering top-tier rotary notching motor lamination solutions for diverse industrial applications, we leverage state-of-the-art technology and skilled teams to ensure laminated precision and reliability.

rotary notching services

rotary notching services

Precision And Innovation

At Lamnow, our cutting-edge notching facility stands as a beacon of excellence, specializing in the intricate process of rotary notching to create high-quality electric motor lamination stacks.

Custom Stator Rotor Stacks Of Single Notching

Our cutting-edge motor lamination stamping and notching technology ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Whether for specific industrial needs or unique motor designs, our expertise in single notching guarantees tailored solutions for your advanced engineering requirements.

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Stator Laminations Rotary Notching

From industrial machinery to automotive propulsion, these notched stator laminations enhance motor efficiency, power density, and overall performance.

rotor laminations rotary notching

Rotor Laminations Single Slot Notching

These precisely notched rotor core laminations are commonly employed in applications such as electric vehicles, generators, and industrial machinery.

skewed motor laminations rotary notching

Skewed Motor Laminations Rotary Notching

Single-notching skewed motor laminations are commonly utilized in HVAC systems, compressors, and high-performance electric drives.

multi slot motor laminations rotary notching

Multi-slot Motor Laminations Rotary Notching

Multi-slot laminations are extensively applied for various industrial and commercial motors, such as electric pumps, fans, and appliances.

Notching Dies Design And Manufacture

Notching dies play a pivotal role in the precision manufacturing of rotor and stator laminations. The design and manufacture of notching dies are intricate processes that demand expertise. But, the overall cost of the tool is very low.

notching die desgin and manufacture

Engineers meticulously craft dies to match specific motor requirements, considering factors like slot geometry, material type, and production volume. The production time of the mold is only one to two days.

Advanced CAD technologies aid in creating intricate die designs, ensuring precise and uniform notches in laminations.

The manufacturing phase involves precision machining or electrical discharge machining (EDM) techniques to construct durable and high-precision notching dies.

Laminations Stacks Rotary Notching Capabilities

The electrical steel laminations rotary notching process is quite a good and economical choice for medium and large laminations. Our capabilities extend to the outer diameter of the largest punching sheet to 1250mm.

The selection of materials is a critical first step, with electrical steel being a preferred choice for its magnetic properties, particularly its high silicon content that reduces core losses.

In the design phase, engineers meticulously plan the dimensions and specifications of the single slot. Advanced computer-aided design (CAD) tools are employed to ensure precision and adherence to motor requirements.

Utilizing a CNC rotary notching press and a high-speed servo-driven Indexer, the single groove punching process precisely cuts silicon steel sheets, forming desired slots at speeds up to 1,200 strokes per minute. 

Post-notching processes include deburring to remove any sharp edges, surface treatments for corrosion resistance, and inspections for dimensional accuracy. Once notched and post-processed, the laminations are bonded and stacked to form the motor core.

laminations stacks rotary notching capabilities

Benefits of Single Slot Notching Electric Motor Laminations

Rotary notching in motor lamination production offers a myriad of benefits that contribute to the development of high-performance electric motors for a wide range of applications.

Improved Motor Performance

Rotary notching shapes precise slots in laminations, enhancing motor performance, including increased torque, reduced noise, and enhanced durability.

Reduced Eddy Current Losses

The specific design capabilities of rotary notching, such as skewed slots, help minimize eddy current losses and enhance overall motor efficiency.

Suitability for Large Motors

It accommodates the design requirements of skewed slots, which are commonly employed in larger motors to mitigate tooth harmonics during operation.

Cost-Effective Production

This process cuts tooling costs and reduces lead time, offering cost-effectiveness for low-to-medium volume production or prototype development.

Versatility in Designs

This process allows for intricate designs and customization to meet specific motor requirements. This adaptability is essential for addressing diverse applications across various industries.

Accurate Winding Space

Notching ensures precise and consistent slot dimensions, creating optimal space for motor windings. This accuracy maintains uniform magnetic fields.

electrical steel

Materials Used In Notching Silicon Steel Laminations

Rotary notching laminations typically use electrical steel with high magnetic permeability, named silicon steel, lamination steel, or transformer steel, due to its low core loss and efficient magnetic properties.

Rotary Notched Motor Core Lamination Quality Control

rotary notching quality control

Single Notching Related Lamination Services

Progressive Stamping

This process is ideal for complex parts requiring precision tolerances and mass production, such as motors and generator laminations.

Compound Stamping

This process produces stator and rotor parts with intricate shapes, multiple features, and higher complexity in a single operation.


Laser cutting and wire-cutting electrical steel lamination prototype to meet your electric motor stator rotor stack needs. Our rapid prototyping delivery times are as fast as 15 days.


We use bonding varnishes to achieve glue dot, and full surface bonding electrical steel laminations, and provide the ideal bonding method for your electric motor iron cores.


The lamination stacking and core assembly methods include laser welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, riveting, cleating, bolt, etc. The purpose enhancing overall motor efficiency.


We offer epoxy resin coating processes to achieve motor iron core insulation. They are applied to prevent electrical losses and ensure efficient energy transfer within the laminations.

Rotary punching Motor Laminations China Suppiler

Single notching is one of our main competencies. Choose us as your rotary notching motor lamination China manufacturer because we boast over a decade of expertise in motor lamination production. Our seasoned professionals ensure precision, efficiency, and quality in every step of the process.

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Rotary Notching FAQS

Rotary notching is widely employed in industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and appliances, where efficient electric motors are crucial.

Yes, rotary notching is one of our core competencies. We are capable of handling various motor rotor and stator sizes and configurations. The settings on rotary notching machines can be customized to meet specific requirements.

Yes, rotary notching machines are designed to be versatile and adjustable, making them capable of handling various motor sizes and configurations. The settings on these machines can be customized to meet specific requirements.

While costs can vary, rotary notching is often cost-effective in terms of efficiency gains and improved motor performance, making it a favorable option for many applications.

Lead times can vary, but we typically provide estimates based on factors like order size, customization requirements, and current production capacity.

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