Motor Lamination Vent Plates In China

Vent plates are components specifically designed for the rotor and stator core of electric motors, and generators. These finger plate assemblies serve the purpose of facilitating the cooling of the motor and dissipating the heat generated during the motor’s operation.

At our cutting-edge facility, our ability to conceptualize, design, and manufacture motor vent plates that optimize the performance of your motors.

Custom Finger Plate For Electric Motor And Generator

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We offer customized vent plates (spacer lamination or finger plates) for medium-to-high voltage motor stators and rotors. Our designs strike the perfect balance, saving on material costs without compromising on motor and generator superior heat dissipation efficiency.

Whether you’re looking for customized solutions or seeking to enhance the efficiency of existing motor systems, our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to delivering high-quality vent plates tailored to your unique specifications.

Design And Manufacture Motor Spacer Lamination Capabilities

Design Base Laminations

Our design size of the base lamination is often the same as or smaller than the size of the corresponding lamination. Produced through precision stamping or laser cutting, these base laminations ensure seamless integration, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of your motor or generator assembly.

Design I-Beam

The vent plates are manufactured from base iron core lamination and I-beam. Laminations commonly use silicon steel, stainless steel, and ordinary carbon steel materials. The I-beam can be replaced by the flat bar. Using spot welding and riveting technology to fix I-beam and laminations together.

Spot Welded

Employing a spot welding process, we spot weld finger plate assembly onto robust base laminations, ensuring smooth surfaces and preventing any damage to insulation during assembly stacking. We also offer Class F varnish insulation for vent laminations.


Embracing embossing on backup vent plate laminations, mechanically attached fingers are secured beneath the surface, preventing any insulation piercing during assembly stacking. Our meticulous process involves laser cutting, punching, bossing, and pressing, ensuring a robust and secure construction.

Quality Control For Motor Iron Core Vent Plates

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Motor Vent Cover Plate FAQS

Effective ventilation is crucial for electric motors to dissipate heat generated during operation. Proper cooling helps prevent overheating, which can lead to motor failure and reduced efficiency.

Motor vent plates facilitate the efficient cooling of electric motors, ensuring optimal operating temperatures. This, in turn, enhances motor performance, extends its lifespan, and helps maintain consistent efficiency.

Yes, some manufacturers offer customization options for motor vent plates to meet the specific needs of different applications. This may include variations in size, material, or design features.

Regular inspection of motor vent plates is recommended to ensure they are clean, free from obstruction, and in good condition. Replacement may be necessary if damage or wear is observed, or if the motor is not operating within the specified temperature range.

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