Automotive Motor Lamination In China

Automotive motor laminations play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of electric motors within vehicles. These laminations, typically made of thin sheets of magnetic materials, are stacked to form the core of the motor.

Lamnow is a leading supplier of motor, generator, and transformer laminations in China, specializing in the production of high-quality electrical steel laminations, we play a pivotal role in enhancing the performance and efficiency of electric motors used in the automotive industry.

Custom Electric Motor Laminations For Automobile

We offer customized stator and rotor laminations for automobiles, heavy vehicles off-road, and passenger cars, including engine cooling motors, power steering motors (ASM & PMS), seat motors, wiper motors, starter motors, HVAC motors, traction engine motors, window lift motors, sunroof motors, electric turbo motors, and ABS motors.

transportation motor lamination for compound stamping

Automotive Engine Stator And Rotor For Alternator

The automotive engine laminations for the alternator form a critical component, generating electrical power for the vehicle. Ensure reliable performance and efficient energy production in automotive alternators.

hub motor laminations

Automotive Vehicles Hub Motor Laminations

In-wheel motor laminations are essential components in electric hub motors, optimizing power delivery and efficiency. Our laminations contribute to the high-performance capabilities of EV propulsion systems.

air-conditioning compressor motor laminated core for automotive

HVAC Motor laminated Core For Automotive

The air-conditioning compressor motor laminated core for automotive applications is a vital component ensuring efficient cooling. Our high-quality laminations enhance automotive air-conditioning systems’ reliability.

adhesive lamination for new energy vehicle hub motor

Electric Vehicles Motor Laminations

Our precision-engineered Backlack bonding laminations, segmented stator laminations, and axial flux motor stator cores enhance new energy vehicle-driven performance and efficiency.

HEV motor laminations

Hybrid Electrical Vehicle Motor Laminations

Customized for HEV applications, our laminations contribute to efficient power distribution, enhanced fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Elevate your hybrid driving experience with precision-engineered laminations.

Design And Manufacture Motor Laminations Capabilities For Automotive Vehicles

Material Sourcing Expertise

Lamnow specializes in sourcing and providing expertise wide variety of materials, including 0.1mm -1mm thickness Non-Grain Oriented (NGO), Grain Oriented (GO), Cold Rolled Motor Lamination (CRML) steel, and 25 micorn Amorphous Metal Alloys.

Advanced Stamping Capabilities

Our extensive capabilities in advanced stamping processes include progressive stamping, compound stamping, rotary notch stamping, and axial punching. Global reach and capacity to handle diverse production requirements, showcasing versatility in manufacturing.

Enhanced Motor Performance and Quality

We focus on providing precision lamination solutions aimed at improving motor performance and minimise core loss, thereby enhancing overall motor efficiency. Commitment to helping clients achieve cost savings in the manufacturing process.

On-Time, In-Full Delivery

High-volume manufacturing facilities designed for quality and efficiency, ensuring the timely and complete delivery of client orders. Reliability in meeting production schedules and maintaining consistency in order fulfillment.

Offer Technical Support

Our dedicated design and engineering team is available to collaborate with clients throughout the entire product development process. Support provided from ideation to manufacturing, demonstrating a commitment to being a trusted partner in product design and development.

Other Superior Services

Lamnow offers a range of value-added services beyond basic lamination manufacturing, including annealing, bonding, welding, riveting, cleating, shaft-inserting, insulation coating, winding, die-casting, deburring, wire cutting, and laser cutting.

Stator And Rotor Laminations Fabrication Process For Automotive Vehicles Motor

Automobility Lamination Prototype Services

lamination bonding prototype

Our automobility lamination prototype services cater to the dynamic needs of the automotive industry, providing cutting-edge solutions for motor laminations.

With expertise in laser cutting and wire EDM cutting technologies, we ensure precision and customization in crafting laminations for various automotive applications.

Our commitment to innovation and rapid prototyping is reflected in our impressive lead time of 7 to 15 days, allowing clients to accelerate their production runs.

Whether it’s optimizing motor efficiency or enhancing power delivery, our prototype services offer a streamlined and reliable approach to meet the evolving demands of automobility.

Lamination Stamping For Automotive Car

We employ cutting-edge techniques such as progressive stamping, compound stamping, rotary notching, and axial flux stator punching to in-house manufactured high-precision and efficient vehicle motor laminations.

progressive stamping for motor lamination

Our progressive die stamping process for automotive motor laminations ensures precision and efficiency. We use a high-speed punching press to manufacture high-performance rotor and stator lamination stacks. This step-by-step process achieves tight tolerances, proving efficient and cost-effective for high-volume production of automotive motor laminations.

Our automation compound stamping merges multiple processes into a single stroke, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in electric automobility motor lamination production. This technique streamlines operations, reducing materials waste, time, and costs while ensuring tight tolerances.

The rotary notching process for automobility motor laminations is a single-operation notching lamination. Utilizing advanced servo control systems, our rotary notching machine creates seamless notches, reducing material waste and boosting motor performance. This technology is an economical choice for low-volume production or prototyping.

New energy vehicles’ axial flux stator punching employs specialized stamping and rolling equipment, guided by a servo synchronous control system. This ensures precise groove stamping, consistent alignment, and diameter accuracy throughout, enhancing disc stator in electric vehicles’ performance.

Lamination bonding is a crucial process in automotive motor manufacturing, enhancing the performance and durability of motor laminations. In this context, two prevalent bonding methods are employed: gluing dot bonding and self-bonding.

Gluing dot bonding involves applying adhesive in specific dot patterns to join lamination steel, providing structural integrity and preventing delamination. This lamination bonded together method ensures precise bonding points, optimizing the overall stability of the motor.

On the other hand, self-bonding relies on the inherent magnetic properties of the laminations, allowing them to adhere to each other without the need for external adhesives. This approach minimizes the use of additional materials, streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing environmental impact.

Lamination Bonding For Electric Mobile Motor

full face bonding lamination

Automobility Motor Lamination Stacking

welding motor stators

Stacking involves arranging laminations, often made of electrical steel, to form the motor’s core. Interlocking is a common method, where motor lamination together seamlessly, enhances structural integrity and reduces energy losses.

Welding, including laser welding, MIG and TIG welding, is employed to securely join laminations, ensuring a robust bond. Laser welding offers precision, TIG welding provides versatility, and MIG welding allows for efficient mass production.

Riveting involves fastening laminations with metal pins, cleating utilizes folded-over edges to interlock laminations, and bolts offer a modular and adjustable solution.

Motor stator injection molding is a pivotal process in automotive manufacturing, specifically in the production of electric motors.

This method involves injecting molten material, often a thermoplastic or resin, into a mold to shape the stator components of the motor. The precision achieved through injection molding ensures consistent and high-quality stators, contributing to motor efficiency.

We favor motor stator injection molding for its cost-effectiveness, rapid production capabilities, and ability to meet stringent performance standards in the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicles.

Motor Stator Injection Molding For Automotive

stator injection molding insulation

Epoxy Powder Coating For Automobility Lamination Stacks

electrostatic epoxy coating insulations

The epoxy powder coating method involves applying an insulating layer of epoxy resin to the laminations, it adheres electrostatically to the laminations before undergoing curing. This method results in a robust and protective layer, providing resistance against corrosion, wear, and environmental factors.

The epoxy coating not only safeguards the laminations from external elements but also contributes to improved insulation properties. This is particularly crucial in electric motors, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

The versatility of epoxy powder coating makes it a preferred choice in the automotive industry, enhancing the longevity and resilience of motor lamination stacks.

Automotive motor stator coil winding is a pivotal stage in electric motor production, where copper wire is wound around the stator core.

Automated winding employs machinery to precisely wind coils, ensuring uniformity and efficiency in large-scale production. This method is faster and offers high precision.

In contrast, manual winding involves skilled operators winding coils by hand, allowing for flexibility in handling complex winding patterns or customized designs.

While automated winding streamlines mass production, manual winding is valuable for intricate requirements.

Automotive Motor Stator Winding

stator coil winding

Quality Control For Vehicles Motor Lamination Stacks

quality control for laminations

Automotive Laminations FAQS

Laminations help in reducing eddy current losses, which can occur when a magnetic field changes within the motor. By using laminated cores, these losses are minimized, leading to higher efficiency.

Various types of motors are used in automotive applications to meet diverse needs. Common ones include Brushless DC (BLDC) motors for efficiency, AC motors for specific tasks, induction motors for simplicity, and hybrid motors combining internal combustion engines with electric components for enhanced fuel efficiency and performance.

Flat wire motors offer compact design, high torque density, and superior heat dissipation, making them ideal for new energy vehicles. Their efficient performance and low profile enable enhanced powertrain integration and increased vehicle range. With advancements in electric vehicle technology, flat wire motors are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation.

Laminations for motors designed for high torque and power densities are typically made from electrical steels with high permeability. Other motor lamination materials include amorphous metal alloy, thin-gauge electrical steel, nickel alloy, and cobalt alloy. Silicon steel is favored for its efficiency in low core losses, excellent electrical conductivity, and improving motor performance.

Yes, we offer customization options for motor lamination stacks. This allows for tailoring the laminations to meet specific design, performance, and efficiency requirements in various automotive applications.

Automotive motor laminations offer several advantages. They reduce energy losses by minimizing eddy currents, improving overall motor efficiency. The use of laminations also contributes to compact motor designs, lighter weight, and quieter operation, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of automotive motors.

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