Electric Motor Rotor Die Casting In China

We deliver high-quality, customized rotor die casting services that meet the diverse needs of industries worldwide. From compact fractional horsepower motors to the intricate applications of HEV and EV traction drive systems.

rotor core lamination casting services

rotor core lamination casting services

Precision And Innovation

Lamnow provides precise rotor iron core casting services, including loose laminations, interlocked cores, with or without skews, burnishing, reaming, gate compression, flash removal, and rotor OD machining.

Customized Die Casted Squirrel Cage Rotor

In various industries, Lamnow’s customized die casted motor rotor lamination core stands as a pivotal element. Utilizing copper and aluminum die casting, it serves as a cornerstone in automotive, aerospace, and electronics, providing unparalleled strength, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility in our manufacturing facilities.

squirrel cage rotor die casting
squirrel cage copper rotor die casting
die casting motor rotor
rotor core shaft insertion

Lamination Stacks Die Cast Capabilities

Rotor Aluminum Die-Casting

rotor cores aluminum die cast

Aluminum rotor die-casting is a manufacturing process that involves injecting molten aluminum into a mold to create intricate and high-precision rotor components.

Renowned for its durability, corrosion resistance, and efficient heat dissipation, this method is pivotal in automotive, electronics, and machinery sectors.

The die-casting process allows for complex designs and tight tolerances, resulting in efficient and reliable rotors for electric motors and other applications. Rotor aluminum die-casting offers cost-effective large quantities of production.

Copper rotor die-casting is a specialized manufacturing process used in the production of electric motor rotors. This technique involves injecting molten copper into a die, forming a precise and intricate rotor shape.

The result is a highly efficient and durable rotor with enhanced conductivity, heat dissipation, and mechanical strength.

Rotor copper die-casting is crucial for achieving optimal performance in electric motors, particularly in applications where reliability and efficiency are paramount, such as in automotive systems and industrial machinery.

Rotor Copper Die-Casting

rotor cores copper die cast
rotor x-ray testing

Quality Control for Casting Rotor

Materials Used In Motor Lamination Die Casting

Die-casting squirrel cage rotors for motor laminations often utilize materials like aluminum ingot, copper alloys, copper-clad aluminum, and specialized alloy combinations. These choices cater to diverse requirements, offering a balance of electrical conductivity, thermal properties, weight considerations, and cost-effectiveness in the production of efficient electric motors.

aluminum ingot materilas used in rotor casting

Mold Casted Related Lamination Services

Die Design

Different tooling options and proprietary dies are available for your stator and rotor with different cost investments to match your needs.

Motor Stamping

Motor lamination stamping includes progressive stamping, compound stamping, and rotary notching employs specialized dies to cut and shape silicon steel.

Core Assembly

The electric motor core laminations assembly includes laser welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, riveting, cleating, shaft insertion, blots, etc.

High Quality Die Casting Rotor in China

1、In-house aluminum pressure die casting facility, such as fully automated vertical, horizontal, and high-pressure die-casting systems.

2、 Superior rotor casting expertise to incorporate conductor bars, end rings, damper bars, and end plates into induction motor and generator rotors.

3. Customized aluminum rotors of various sizes, outer diameter of up to 1250mm.

4、Deliver high-performance rotor cores, ready for motor core assembly.

Build Your Core Lamination Casted Knowledge

You’ll find the die casting electric motor lamination stacks resources with confidence on the Lamnow Blog.

Rotor Lamination Casting FAQS

Rotor die casting is used to manufacture components for electric motors and generators, including rotor cores, conductor bars, end rings, damper bars, and end plates.

Squeeze casting involves injecting molten metal into a preheated die under high pressure, minimizing porosity and enhancing mechanical properties.

Centrifugal casting employs rotational forces to distribute molten metal, ensuring uniformity and reducing defects in rotor components for optimal performance.

Rotor die casting offers precision, cost-effectiveness, and high production efficiency, making it a preferred choice for creating complex rotor components in electric motors and generators.

Squirrel cage rotors find widespread use in industries relying on electric motors for various applications. Common sectors include HVAC systems, manufacturing, transportation (electric vehicles), pumps, fans, and other machinery requiring efficient and robust induction motor technology.

Elevate Performance with Our Rotor Die Casting!

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with Lamnow’s precision rotor die casting. Elevate your motor and generator performance—choose quality, choose reliability. Contact us now for bespoke solutions.