Electric Motor Laminations Progressive Die

With a team of skilled professionals and a dedication to innovation, Lamnow specializes in designing and manufacturing motor lamination progressive die tailored to unique requirements.

progressive die services

progressive die services

Precision And Innovation

Our progressive stamping die services excel in precision metal stamping, offering efficient, cost-effective solutions for motor stator and rotor production.

Applications of Electrical Steel Laminations Progressive Toolings

Custom progressive die services for motor laminations are tailored to meet unique specifications, ensuring precision and efficiency in manufacturing. Designed for progressive stamping, our stamping dies enable cost-effective mass production, maintaining high quality and tight tolerances.

NEVs motor laminations progressive die

New Energy Vehicles Driven Laminations Progressive Die

The progressive die manufacturing motor laminations apply to electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid vehicles, automotive, electric bikes, electric scooters, etc.

power tools motor laminations progressive die

Power Tools Motor Laminations Progressive Die

The progressive die is widely applied in power tool motor lamination stamping. Power tools, ranging from drills and saws to grinders and sanders.

home appliance motor laminations progressive die

Home Appliance Motor Laminations Progressive Die

Progressive die is used in motor laminations for various home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, and more.

industrial motor laminations progressive die

Industrial Motor Laminations Progressive Die

Industrial motors power a diverse range of applications, including pumps, compressors, conveyor systems, manufacturing machinery, and more.

generator core laminations progressive die

Generator Core Laminations Progressive Die

Progressive die is commonly employed in the manufacturing of generator cores. Such as wind generators, fire generators, hydro generators, etc.

shaded pole motor laminations progressive die

Shaded Pole Motor Laminations Progressive Die

Shaded pole motors are a type of single-phase induction motor commonly used in various applications such as small fans, blowers, and other low-power devices.

Design and Manufacture of Progressive Die for Lamination Stacks

A progressive die is a specialized tool used in mass production to cut, form, and shape sheet metal(such as silicon steel) into the desired electric motor core lamination components.

in-house die services

Employ CAD software to meticulously design a progressive die, detailing station count, operation sequence, and individual station geometry. The die comprises multiple stations, each executing distinct tasks like cutting, bending, and punching.

Choose appropriate tooling for each station in the progressive die. This includes punches, dies, and other components that will perform specific operations on the sheet metal.

Die production combines wire-cutting and grinding techniques to create precise tools for motor laminations.

Wire EDM forms intricate shapes in tool steel, followed by grinding for dimension accuracy and surface excellence. This detailed process guarantees the fabrication of top-notch dies for high-volume motor lamination production.

Assemble the progressive die by integrating all the individual components. Ensure that each station is properly aligned and functions as intended.

Quality Control for Progressive Tools

Quality control for progressive dies is essential to ensure the production of accurate, defect-free stamped parts.

quality control for progressive die
progressive tools materials

Materials Used in Progressive Stamping Moulds

The materials used in progressive stamping dies need to be durable, wear-resistant, and capable of withstanding the high forces and pressures involved in the stamping process.

Some common materials used in progressive stamping dies include D2 and A2 tool steel, M2 high-speed steel, tungsten carbide, powder metallurgy steels, cobalt alloys, and beryllium copper.

Progressive Punching Molds Related Services

Progressive Stamping

This process produces a complete part with no secondary operation. Suitable for mass-producing motors, and generators.

Wire Cutting

EDM Wire Cutting employs a thin wire to precisely shape and cut dies with intricate details. This precise manufacturing process ensures high-quality stamping toolings.

CNC Machining

The CNC machining is a precise manufacturing process that uses automated tools to shape and cut materials. It ensures accuracy and efficiency in producing complex components.

Quality Progressive Die Manufacturer

Drawing upon substantial expertise, our committed team specializes in crafting top-tier progressive dies tailored to your precise needs, whether requiring dedicated carbide or master insert dies.

Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we ensure effective communication, punctual deliveries, and economical solutions, establishing us as the preferred choice for progressive die manufacturing in China.

Build your Progressive Toolings knowledge

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Laminations Progressive Dies FAQS

Progressive dies streamline the production process by performing multiple operations in a single pass. This includes cutting, punching, and forming the laminations, leading to higher production rates and consistent quality.

Progressive dies offer advantages such as increased production speed, reduced labor costs, and improved dimensional accuracy. The automated process ensures uniformity in the produced motor laminations.

Yes, progressive dies can be designed to handle various sizes and specifications of motor laminations. Customization is possible to meet the specific requirements of different motor designs.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning, sharpening, and inspection for wear, is essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of progressive dies. Scheduled maintenance helps prevent defects in the produced laminations.

A progressive mold, used in stamping or forming, processes a workpiece through a series of sequential operations at different stations. In contrast, a compound mold performs multiple operations in a single station, simplifying the process but limiting complexity. Both progressive and compound molds serve distinct purposes in manufacturing.

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