B50A470 for motor lamination core

B50A470 Non-Oriented Electrical Steel For Motor Lamination Core

Silicon steel (electrical steel) refers to a very low carbon ferrosilicon alloy with a silicon content of 0.5% to 6.5%. Due to differing structures and applications, they categorize silicon steel into non-oriented and oriented types. Various motors, generators, compressors, and transformers primarily utilize silicon steel as their core material. It is an indispensable raw material product in the electric power, home appliances and other industries. B50A470 cold-rolled electrical steel is widely used in the manufacture of motor cores. In this article we will focus on the properties of B50A470 non-oriented silicon steel.

Features Of B50A470 Electrical Steel

High magnetic permeabilityB50A470 electrical steel has high magnetic permeability, which can effectively reduce the loss of magnetic flux and improve the efficiency of motors and transformers.
Low hysteresisB50A470 electrical steel has low hysteresis loss, which can reduce the heat generated by motors and transformers during operation and improve their efficiency.
Low lossB50A470 electrical steel has low loss, which allows motors and transformers to save energy and reduce production costs when working.
Good processing performanceB50A470 electrical steel can be processed into different shapes and sizes through cold rolling and annealing processes, and is suitable for the manufacture of different types of motors and transformers.
Stable magnetic propertiesB50A470 electrical steel has stable magnetic properties under different temperatures and magnetic fields, ensuring the stable operation of motors and transformers.

B50 Series Silicon Steel Electromagnetic Properties

GradeThickness(mm)Min.Core loss P1.5/50(W/KG)Min.Magnetic polarization J5000(T)Min.Stacking factorMin.Number of bendsConventional density(kg/dm³)

Properties Of Coatings

Insulation coating typeSymbolCharacteristic
Semi-organic thin film coatingAImproved punchability, good weldability, with Cr  
Semi-organic heavy film coatingHGood punchability, high interlaminar re   with Cr
Semi-organic thin film coating, Cr freeK/DGood weldability, Cr free
Semi-organic heavy film coating, Cr freeM/EGood insulation resistance,  Cr free
Semi-organic ultra heavy film coatingJUltra good insulation resistance, Cr free
Semi-organic super ultra heavy film coatingLSuper ultra good insulation resistance, Cr free
Self-adhesive coatingZThe coating does not contain chromium, has good self-adhesive properties after curing, and has high iron core fixing strength.

B50A470 Electromagnetic Performance Curve

Core loss(W/kg)

B50A470 core loss

Magnetizing force H(A/m)

B50A470 magnetizing force

Exciting power(VA/kg)

B50A470 exciting power

Exciting force(A/m)

B50A470 exciting force

B50A470 Silicon Steel Used In Motor Laminations

As a leading motor lamination manufacturer in China, we use B50A470 electrical steel coil sheets to produce motor, generator, and transformer laminations due to their excellent magnetic properties. These laminations are crucial components in electric motors, contributing to their efficiency and performance.

By minimizing eddy current losses and maximizing magnetic flux, B50A470 laminations enhance motor efficiency, enabling smoother operation and reduced energy consumption.

Whether in industrial machinery, household appliances, power tools, drones, robotics,  or electric vehicles, motors utilizing high quality B50A470 laminations benefit from improved performance and reliability, making them indispensable in various applications across industries.

We offer B50A470 steel strip materials to manufacture motor laminations. In our factory, we have multiple slitting machines, cutting machines, punching equipment, stacking machines, and winding machines. Without affecting the quality, we will offer you the most competitive price. Contact us to discuss your project needs!

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In conclusion, we cannot overstate the significance of B50A470 silicon steel in various industries. Its exceptional magnetic properties, high electrical resistivity, and superior performance at elevated temperatures make it an indispensable material for the production of electrical transformers, motors, and generators.

From its inception to its widespread adoption, B50A470 silicon steel has undergone continuous refinement and optimization, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in demanding electrical applications.


What are the key properties of B50A470 non-oriented silicon steel?

B50A470 silicon steel exhibits excellent magnetic properties, including high magnetic permeability, low core loss, and superior resistance to magnetic saturation. It also has high electrical resistivity and good thermal stability.

What are the advantages of using B50A470 silicon steel in transformers?

B50A470 silicon steel offers low core losses, enabling transformers to operate more efficiently while minimizing heat generation. Its high magnetic permeability allows for compact transformer designs without sacrificing performance.

Is B50A470 silicon steel suitable for high-temperature applications?

Yes, B50A470 silicon steel exhibits good thermal stability, making it suitable for use in applications where elevated temperatures are encountered, such as in transformers and motors.

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