Hybrid Stamping Motor Lamination

Lamnow offers our expertise in hybrid stamping motor laminations. With our dedication to quality and precision, we deliver the most efficient and reliable solutions to meet your specific motor lamination needs.

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Precision And Innovation

Whether you are in the automotive, industrial, or consumer electronics industry, we have the capabilities to create custom-designed hybrid stamping motor laminations that optimize performance and durability.

Customize Lamination Stacks Of Hybrid Punching

Our customization rotor and stator lamination stacks feature hybrid punching technology, designed for laminations up to 8″ in diameter. It is a cost-effective solution for low-to-medium volume production runs.

These expertly crafted stacks provide superior efficiency and performance in various applications, including electric vehicles, automation industrial machinery, servo systems, and renewable energy systems.

With our hybrid punching technology, we ensure that each lamination stack is precisely tailored to meet your specific requirements, resulting in optimized motor performance and increased durability.

Hybrid Stamping Electrical Steel Laminations Manufacturing Capabilities

Electrical steel laminations are thin, yet powerful, pieces of metal used in a wide range of electrical devices, especially in power transformers, electric motors, and generators. They are designed to enhance magnetic flux and reduce energy loss through eddy currents.

A hybrid stamping process combines high-speed progressive stamping with compound stamping techniques to enhance efficiency, precision, and output quality.

hybrid stamping motor lamination process

The process begins with the selection of electrical steel sheets. These sheets are typically made of grain-oriented or non-grain-oriented silicon steel, designed to optimize magnetic properties.

The sheets are prepared for the stamping process by being cleaned, coated (often with an insulating coating), and dried to ensure that they are ready for precision stamping.

The hybrid stamping process combines conventional stamping techniques with compound stamping techniques. The steel sheets are fed into a stamping press, where a die and punch set cut the desired shapes from the steel sheet. This is a high-speed process that can produce thousands of parts per hour.

After the stamping process, the laminations are inspected for quality and precision. Any defects or inconsistencies are corrected or discarded.

Benefits of Hybrid Stamping Electric Motor Laminations

Low Tooling Cost

The hybrid tooling process is more cost-effective than standard progressive tooling. They can achieve significant savings in tooling expenses, making the overall production process more economical.

Superior Accuracy

The hybrid stamping process is designed to meet stringent tolerances commonly required in the motor lamination industry. This includes precision in concentricity, flatness, and hole locations.

Quick Turn-Around

The hybrid stamping process's significant advantages offer a quick turn-around, unlike traditional stamping processes that can take months to set up, the hybrid process is designed to manufacture tooling in weeks.

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Materials Used In Hybrid Punching Stator And Rotor

In the process of hybrid punching for stator and rotor components, the choice of materials is crucial. Commonly used materials include grain-oriented or non-grain-oriented silicon steel(0.1mm – 1 mm thickness), known for its high magnetic permeability and low core loss properties. These materials optimize energy transformation in electric motors, generators, and transformers, ensuring high efficiency and reliability.

Hybrid Stamping Related Lamination Services

Die Design

Different tooling options and proprietary dies are available for your stator and rotor with different cost investments to match your needs.

Motor Stamping

Motor lamination stamping includes progressive stamping, compound stamping, and rotary notching employs specialized dies to cut and shape silicon steel(electrical steel).


Laser cutting and wire-cutting electrical steel lamination prototype to meet customer needs. Our rapid prototyping lead times are as fast as 15 days.


We use bonding varnishes to achieve glue dot, and full surface bonding electrical steel laminations, and provide the ideal bonding method for your electric motor iron cores.

Core Assembly

The lamination stacking and core assembly methods include laser welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, riveting, cleating, bolt, etc. The purpose enhancing overall motor efficiency.


We offer epoxy resin coating processes to achieve motor iron core insulation. They are applied to prevent electrical losses and ensure efficient energy transfer within the laminations.

Hybrid Stamping Motor Laminations Supplier

As a premier motor stator and rotor lamination China manufacturer, our cutting-edge technology, including innovative hybrid stamping processes, enhances accuracy and efficiency. Our commitment to precision and superior materials ensures you receive high-quality electric motor laminations that meet the strictest industry standards. Trust us for reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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Laminations Hybrid Punching FAQS

Hybrid stamping motor laminations are widely used in industries that rely on electric motors, such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics. They are also used in power transformers, generators, and other electrical devices.

If you are looking for precise, efficient, and cost-effective electric motor components, hybrid stamping motor laminations may be the ideal solution. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and learn more about how our technology can benefit your application.

The lead time for hybrid stamping motor laminations depends on the complexity of the design and the quantity required. Our efficient manufacturing process allows us to produce high-quality components quickly, reducing lead times and ensuring timely delivery.

To order hybrid stamping motor laminations, simply contact us with your specifications and requirements. Our team of experts will work with you to design and produce the components you need, ensuring that they meet your exact specifications and quality standards.

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