outer rotor lamination core for drone

Why Do Use Outer Rotor Lamination Core For Drone?

Have you ever wondered why some drones outperform others in speed, stability, and power efficiency? The secret often lies in the use of outer rotor core for drone. These rotor components enhance motor efficiency, boost torque, and improve overall stability, allowing drones to operate longer and more effectively.

What Is Outer Rotor Motors?

Outer rotor motors are a very popular type of electric motor in which the rotor is located outside the stator and is rotated by magnets fixed to the rotor that alternately attract and repel the stator magnets adjacent to them. There are two types of external rotor motors, namely brushless motors and brushed motors. Brushless DC motors(BLDC) are divided into inner rotor and outer rotor.

What sets outer rotor lamination cores apart is their ability to improve the drone’s energy efficiency. These iron cores are adept at minimizing energy loss through heat.

outer rotor vs. inner rotor structure

Benefits of Using Outer Rotor in Drones

Greater Stability and Control

The mass distribution of the external rotor motor core is more even, and the rotor mass is light, which can lower the center of gravity of the aircraft, thereby improving stability.

Enhanced Motor Efficiency

The structural design of the outer rotor lamination packs makes its rotation relatively stable, with low noise and fast response speed. It can still remain stable under high-speed rotation and is not prone to stalling, thereby improving motor efficiency.

Increased Torque Output

Outer rotor designs inherently provide a greater torque due to a larger diameter, which extends the lever arm of force applied. This is crucial for drones that need to start and stop quickly or adjust their flight path precisely.

Compact Design

The outer rotor lamination stacks have a relatively compact structural design, which can greatly reduce the size of the motor, thereby reducing the overall weight of the drone and improving maneuverability and flight efficiency.


We’ve explored the pivotal role of outer rotor laminations in enhancing drone performance. These motor lamination cores not only maximize torque and efficiency but also improve heat dissipation, reduce noise, and stabilize flight dynamics. 

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What are the key features of drone motors with outer rotors?

The outer rotor core for drone provides higher torque due to a larger air gap and rotor diameter. They also facilitate better cooling and more efficient space utilization.

What materials are commonly used in DJI drone motor stators and rotors?

DJI commonly uses materials like silicon steel for stators and neodymium magnets for rotors to optimize performance and durability.

How do changes in the stator winding affect the drone’s flight characteristics?

Modifications in stator winding can alter the torque and speed characteristics of the motor, affecting the drone’s handling and responsiveness.

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