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Xiaomi SU7 Motor: What Makes It Exceptional?

The Xiaomi SU7 motor stands out for several key reasons. Achieving high rotational speeds is a significant challenge, primarily due to the rotor. As it spins faster, the centrifugal force increases, which can lead to deformation in extreme cases.

Beyond the rotor, the bearings that support the motor must endure substantial pressure. The surrounding wire winding method, motor cooling and lubrication system, installation process, and the choice of conductor materials for high voltage and current applications are all crucial factors.

Currently, mainstream high-performance motors operating at 400V reach a maximum speed of approximately 16,000 to 17,500 RPM. These motors use a combination of water cooling and oil cooling for the gearbox. Tesla electric car 800V ultra-high voltage, 8-layer hairpin stator permanent magnet synchronous motor achieves a top speed of 20,000 RPM.

Recently, this benchmark was surpassed by a new generation of domestic motors with an extreme speed of 22,000 RPM. However, Xiaomi’s release of the HyperEngine V8s motor has pushed the limits even further. The HyperEngine V8s boasts an impressive speed of 27,200 RPM, claiming the top spot in high-speed motor performance.

The remarkable speed and efficiency of the Xiaomi SU7 motor highlight its advanced engineering and superior performance capabilities, setting a new standard in the industry.

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