next tuyere hub motor

Is The Next Tuyere “Hub Motor”?

The electric vehicle industry constantly evolves with technological innovations to enhance efficiency and performance.  The hub motor is an advanced technology that directly installs the electric motor inside the vehicle wheel or very close to the wheel, making it a drive unit.

Working Principle

The driving principle of the wheel hub motor of an electric passenger car is based on the law of electromagnetic induction, which drives the vehicle by directly converting electrical energy into mechanical energy for wheel rotation. The electric vehicle battery provides DC power, and the inverter converts DC power into AC power, which is supplied to the stator winding. The current is switched according to the law of three-phase AC power to generate a rotating magnetic field.

When the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator winding acts on the permanent magnet or electromagnet rotor installed in the wheel hub, the rotor will rotate synchronously with the direction of the magnetic field due to electromagnetic interaction. The rotation of the rotor directly drives the wheel to rotate, eliminating the complex transmission components such as clutch, transmission, differential, etc. in traditional cars, and realizing direct power output.

Motor Structure

Rotor: Can be designed as either an internal or external rotor. In external rotor configurations, the rotor is directly connected to and rotates with the wheel. Internal rotors use a reduction gear to convert high-speed rotation into lower-speed but higher torque suitable for wheel movement.

Stator: Fixed within the wheel’s casing, it consists of multi-layered windings embedded into an iron core made of silicon steel or other low-loss magnetic materials, driven by the AC from the inverter.

Reduction Gear: For inner rotor hub motors, in order to convert high-speed motor torque into low-speed, high torque suitable for vehicle driving, planetary gears, worm gears or other types of reduction mechanisms may also be included to ensure that energy is efficiently transmitted to the wheels.

Cooling Systems: Includes air, liquid, or hybrid cooling methods to ensure the motor operates within a safe temperature range to prevent overheating.

Bearing System: High-precision, high-load bearings ensure smooth operation and minimal friction between the rotor shaft and stator.


With ongoing advancements and increasing applications in both pure and hybrid electric vehicles, hub motors represent not just a current trend but a significant step forward in automotive technology. By providing a compact, efficient, and innovative solution to motor design, hub motors enhance the performance and simplicity of vehicle engineering.  Lamnow offers in-wheel hub motor laminations for electric bikes(ebike), electric motorcycles, and electric scooters, choose us for custom hub motors.


How do hub motors compare to traditional EV motors in terms of efficiency?

Hub motors are typically more efficient and better than traditional EV motors as they eliminate the drivetrain losses associated with gearboxes, differentials, and driveshafts. By delivering power directly to the wheels, they enhance energy transfer efficiency, reducing mechanical complexity and potentially improving the overall energy usage of electric vehicles.

What are the main advantages of using an external rotor over an internal rotor in hub motors?

Brushless motor outer rotors in hub motors are directly connected to the wheel, allowing for immediate torque delivery and reduced mechanical complexity. This direct connection simplifies the motor structure, enhances vehicle handling by improving the response time, and optimizes the packaging by integrating the motor with the wheel assembly.

Are there specific types of vehicles that benefit more from hub motors?

Compact cars, city buses, and bicycles are particularly well-suited to hub motor technology due to space-saving benefits and the direct drive’s efficiency.

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